Top 33 Cat Blogs You Should Know About

April 30, 2020 3 min read

Hey guys, we’ve narrowed down our search for the top cat blogs around the world worth checking out. Our criteria included: topic-related content, new content frequency, and general creativity. The results? 35 awesome cat blogs.

Here is who made our top cat blogs list:

I have Cat, Single in the City, With Cats

Blogger: Tamar

Representing cat ladies from all around the world. This cat blog is one of our favorites due to the variety of well-written content. Tamar is one of the leading cat bloggers on the web.  Aside from the cute cat pillows they sell,  one can find interesting articles about all cat subject matter.

Living With Loulou

poopy cat
Living With Loulou is maybe a little like turning the pages of the I Ching. Any one day’s blog, if you decide to read it, might have an answer you were searching for! I know that’s pretty serious so let me say, too, that I love to do my blog with humor and silliness and hope you’ll smile or even maybe laugh out loud at some of my crazy ideas about every subject on earth. If I can do that, than I’ve done my tiny part to help the world spin in a kind and gentle direction.

The Purrington Post

Blogger: Mouse

top cat blog number 3
Led by the talented editor in chief the Purrington post is a fun, informative, humorous and often cheeky blog that celebrates cats of all types. Articles focus on cat behavior, cat lifestyle and inspiring feline stories. Coming mid-2017 they will be adding a new online store filled with unique and memorable kitty toys and accessories. Cat lovers will find this blog definitely worth following!

The Way of Cats Blog

Blogger: Pamela Merritt

top cat blog
Truly a cat blog worth mentioning. What started as a hobby for Pamela soon became AN incredible, many-layered, enterprise. The result? A great cat blog with loads of useful content. Make sure to check out the Cat Types section. Make sure to check out the Cat Types section. Way of Cats is a true inspiration for cat bloggers around the globe.

Love Meow Cat

love meow
In addition to their great website, Love Meow takes part in cat rescue events and community awareness.  They also aid in finding homes for abandoned cats. We recommend taking a look at the video section.

The Fluffy Kitty

“Meet the Fluffy Kitty blogging team, Brittany and Paul and their adopted kitty, Yoda. This traveling trio writes all about cats on their unique blog where Yoda is the star. What began as a small DIY cat litter box furniture project turned into a huge passion for helping cat pawents take better care of their fluffy beasts. Follow their blog to catch Yoda on his global adventures and to read the latest pawticles related to cat travel, health, behavior, nutrition, and more!”


As the UK’s top cat blog Katzenwolrd has definitely earned its spot on our list. The blog is lead by the awesome Marc Andre, who lead a talented team of writers that make sure you get access to a tune  of cute videos and pictures and stories of cats from across the world.

Sparkle Cat

Great source for book reviews with an awesome online store for kitty toys and accessories. Our guides on products like Cat trees, cat brushes and sifting litter boxes will provide you all the info in order to be a wise consumer . Our favorite part  is the Advice section, where you’ll find helpful tips on a very large range of topics all given from a cat’s perspective.

Simon’s Cat

Warning, death due to laughing may occur while visiting this page! Simon cat’s logic videos are absolutely hilarious. If you haven’t seen them yet you are missing out.